• Sherri Weeks

A New Chapter

Updated: Jun 23

As I look toward the beginning of a new year, I often set goals I want to accomplish. This year has been very busy and exciting with our kids moving from Hawaii to Oklahoma; to the arrival of our first grand baby and so on. What goals? My goal is to enjoy this new chapter and focus on our family. The new addition (Sadie) has brought much joy and excitement.

My husband is convinced he will need a second job just to pay for my spoiling habits! I told him there is probably a grand parents anonymous! LOL It's so fun, I can't help but give her gifts and lots of love! I will attempt to get better as she gets older. (I did say TRY)

New chapters of our lives can be exciting and terrifying at times. This year may be a little of both as I venture on a weight loss journey I have never experienced before. I am terrified, full of hope and hopelessness, if that makes sense because hopelessness is what has brought me here to begin with. I struggle to truly feel hopeful about it because my go to thought is..."I am beyond help". Anyone else ever been there?

I struggle with standing, walking, sleeping and all activities...that's how bad it has become. It is consuming my ability to do anything and enjoy life! Anyone else? I know we all have felt alone in times like this.... I have to believe that the God of hope, my Savior and strength will never leave me or forsake me! Because HE says so! So....... here we go. I don't know exactly how to do it but to put one foot in front of the other and pray!

I challenge you if you have anything that is holding you back from all that God has for you now to surrender and put one foot in front of the other and let God take the wheel! Let's support each other as we move forward and love each other to healing! We are unified through Christ and together we will stand in victory!!

God has great things planned for you this year! Embrace it and walk toward it and WIN! You are Victorious!

Romans 15:13

You Got This!

You are loved!

Live Out Loud,


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