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In the Wine Press

Updated: Jun 23

April 20 2015

There are days of testing and days of resting....WAIT...STOP RIGHT THERE... Did I say resting? Oh yeah, I have forgotten what that is. Ever been there? These last threee months have definately been the testing. Like grapes put through a press to make fine wine. They are pressed until there is no more juice to squeeze. Sometimes our wine press presses us until we feel like we have nothing left to give. Only to...GIVE UP!

Giving up is not an option when God has called you by name. He says that YOU are "fearfully and wonderfully made", "YOU can do all things through Christ who strengthens you", YOU can move mountains", YOU are an overcomer" etc... Do YOU know that?

Did you know that it is darkest just before the dawn? He says that HIS joy comes in the morning! I say in the MOURNING as well. Beauty for ashes! He cries out to us daily, even in the stillness and silence. He longs for more of YOU!

I think more....how much more do I have to give? But I realize that I feel this way because I am running on empty. You can not give and pour out from an empty vessel. YOU have to fill up and recharge!

Be still, recharge....let God wash over you with His tender mercies, love and renewal. I could use a jumpstart on faith and hope as well. How about you? What do you need today?

God says that we have not because we ask not....Let's ask God to restart our heart. I want my heartsong back, life renewed, faith and hope restored etc...

Do you hear it? It's the renewal...the awakening of your spirit and your heart in perfect timeing with HIS. Its rythm, its song...all in one accord. Let us come alive again and walk by faith and not by sight!

I pray that you all find your heart song and that if there is any place that needs a jumpstart...that it begin today as you read this. Know you are loved!

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