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Life’s Mess!

Updated: Jun 23

March 14, 2016

Ok, I know you think I look deranged or something....but I had to share this with you today. As I walked into the house from a few errands the smell hit me! What is that, it smells like a horse barn or dog kennel that has never been cleaned! I began looking around frantically for the culprit. I walked into the room in which the dogs were kenneled and almost lost it.

My son's 80lb German Shepherd we are watching while he is deployed got sick. Vomit, loose poo and diaherrea, everywhere! When I say everywhere, I mean, his kennel, the wood floors, the walls, the window- sills and some on the other two kennels. It looked like a war zone! First things first, don't loose your cookies! Right?! I ran into the bathroom, found some VICKS, placed it in my nose, inside a bandana and outside of the bandana....I could still smell it! (so gross)

I made a trail of towels from his kennel to the hall and helped him out of the mess. (Bless his heart, I wouldn't want to stay in there, much less sit in all of that for long) Trails of messy dog prints lined the floor to the back door and back in I went!

I cleaned up some with towels and pulled the liner out. Now the fun part...The liner does not fit through the bedroom door, you have to tilt it on its side. Yes, very quickly, I tilted and scrapped the walls, poo and vomit running down the walls to the floor, on my head, and finally made it outside to the back yard. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever experienced! I had to clean it up because the dog could not do it for himself.

Three hours later, 10 towels rinsed outside, dog kennel bleached, three dogs bathed, I'm clean, floors mopped, rugs vacuumed and I sit down to type AND..... the dog begins to vomit on my good rugs in the study and hallway. ARE YOU KIDDING?!!! I'm done..... Rugs clean and dogs are staying outside for a while.

As I sit to write God quickly impresses on me.... "This is what my life looks like right now"! It's a mess, I'm undone and living on the edge. This is what it must look like to God. How can He stand me, much less love me smelling like this? All of my sin, judgements, hurts etc.... Wow, I wanted to run away when I walked in on the dog's mess but I knew I couldn't. Just like God, I cleaned up the mess, washed him off and loved on him, making sure he was ok.

God is a loving God full of Grace and Mercy! He see's us at our weakest, cleans us up and loves us back to health! What does your life look like right now? Do have a mess that only God can clean? Will you let him wash you and love you back to health? He's calling to you right now. It doesn't matter what you have done or how far you have run from him. He loves you like you never left.

Let's pray:

Father, thank you that you love us beyond our mess! Thank you for your grace and mercy and above all your love. Thank you that you love us beyond measure even when we stink. We give our hearts to you and our mess and ask that you take our sin and wash us clean. Thank you father, In Jesus Name. Amen.

You are Loved!

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