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MP3 Project with Rescue America

Updated: Jul 2

July 1, 2020

Sherri Weeks

WOW, what a crazy season... with COVID-19 I have had a whirlwind of emotions. I have not been in fear of it or been affected too much but, it has added to my year long isolation! I have fought depression, loneliness and food addiction. I have not heard any direct orders from God on where to go next or had any major creative outlets. I have thought about just laying the ministry down altogether, getting a full time corporate job and letting go of all the creative things that are me.

Anyone else?

As a creative, people person, I have struggled and felt like I was dying at times. I have been diligent to get in God's Word, Pray and Worship Him but I just had not truly heard what my next steps are until....

(wait for it...lol...inside joke... GRETCHEN) I received a call from a very special person that God connected me with about 1.1/2 years ago. She is with Rescue America and she wanted me to know that God put me on her heart and she knew that I was supposed to be a part of a project with their ministry. They were given several MP3 Players to give to women as they are exiting the sex trafficking industry and being helped, counseled, supported and transitioned back into life by Rescue America here in Houston, TX. They have asked me to work alongside of them to place inspirational and transformational content on each of these players such as music, teachings etc....

Wow! Honestly, my first thought was Yes! Yes! Yes! because my heart is to see each of these women walking in freedom and complete healing, knowing they are loved and valued by God! My second thought was...oooohhhh wow, why me? There are so many better and more established speakers, teachers, worship leaders etc... I am just an average Joe in a Big Pond of Talent and Anointing! (Just keeping it real) After I said yes and began actually thinking about it.... I realized that I have some good teachings, verses, inspirational quotes etc... but I only have children's music recorded because for those who know me... I usually only sing live as God leads. I have never thought I was good enough, just the average talent.... so recording has always been a hesitant for me. It took everything in me to record the Kids/Family CD!

I know that God has a plan and it is Yes! and Amen! A plan to prosper not to harm and I will always trust Him! So, being obedient and faithful, I march on into this project praying that His anointing will fill each word, song and message as He leads and places it into the hands of the precious women in which it all will minister to; may God have all the Glory and women's lives be forever changed! Thank you Rescue America and my precious friend Blanca for hearing and trusting God and allowing me the great privilege to play a small part in what He is doing in the lives of these women.

Please visit Rescue America and support them in any way possible!

Since we have no official worship music recorded, we will need to do some recording and will need approximately $1500 for some studio time. Please, prayerfully consider donating on our HOME PAGE to help get this very impactful project completed! Thank you so much and know that you are sowing into the kingdom and into the lives of many women in need!

You are Loved!

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